Back to class…

Teaching is a continual learning process. If you aren’t learning you aren’t teaching. 

I head back into the classroom today after being out of it for the past three years. Last year I was a writing coach part time at this school so I guess that counts for something, but this is a full time teaching gig. Over the break this same school lost a teacher who had all 10th grade students–students who have yet to pass our state test. With The English Teacher’s Friend taking about 60 hours a week, I really am going to have to walk the walk of all my talk about efficiency, more so than I practiced years ago.

But I’m excited. And ready.

It is 4:30 am and I barely slept last night in anxious anticipation of my first day of school. Remember that feeling we all get at the start of the year? The possibilities that lie ahead. The changes you will make. The influences you will have. By now many of you have probably gone way past that feeling and have moved into survival mode. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could harness that first-day-of-school feeling?

As I work with these students I will share my experiences on this blog.  The administration at this school is extremely supportive and they are aware and understand my role with The English Teacher’s Friend. I will still be visiting schools I have contracted with. I will still be working dilligently to help teachers across the country and I am more determined than ever to make this nonprofit a positive change agent.

Over the break I was able to hire a half dozen teachers / former teachers who want to be involved. The dedicated board members are actively assisting as well.  I hope you follow us and share with us.

I am so disheartened as I hear teachers all across the country say they are throwing in the towel. When you dread waking up and going to work, things have to change. Despite all the nonsense surrouding educaton today, this profession is too important and the kids matter too much for us to not be proactive for change.

Wish me luck.  🙂


  1. Wishing you well today, Tamara.

  2. WOOOOOHOOOO!! Back at it! I hope you have an awesome start.
    Good luck!

  3. Hope you had a great first day of school! Enjoy many more!

  4. Thanks guys. It was a great first day. Poor babies–I am their third teacher in the past ten days of school. Lots were asking …”you going to leave us too?”

    I arrived early enough to get my copy number, email setup, etc. but on my way to my classroom the speakers announced a meeting for all 10th grade FCAT and reading teachers. Ten minutes on campus and already in a meeting. haha–I just had to laugh…Got another one tomorrrow. 🙂

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