Executive Director, Tamara Doehring

Mary Jane Bannister

Mary Jane is from Dallas, Georgia. She is currently a wife and grandmother; freelance editor and author. She taught as an ELA Teacher, both Middle and Secondary from 2006 to current. Mary Jane specializes in literature analysis lessons and engaging grammar instruction.

JJ Botta

JJ Botta ( is an experienced Freelance Writer and Writing & Humanities Professor at several major universities, with an extensive international teaching background. He holds various writing-related graduate and undergraduate degrees and certificates from academic institutions such as California State University, Seton Hall University, Franklin Pierce University, Trinity College in the United Kingdom, and Coastal Carolina University, along with a Florida Educator’s Certificate in English and Humanities. His credits include ten published books on academic and nonfiction topics, magazine articles, short story murder mysteries, and a memoir. He resides with his wife in St. Augustine, Florida.

Brittany Chaney

A native of Bessemer, AL, Brittany Chaney has always had a passion for both English and Education. As a child, it was evident to anyone that came into contact with Brittany that she was destined to become an educator. She possessed a natural knack for teaching others (or perhaps simply bossing them around until they eventually learned something), and as she grew older she continued to foster her craft by working as a childcare volunteer and tutor. Following her graduation from McAdory High School (McCalla, AL), in 2007, she began attending Troy University (Troy, AL). On December 16, 2011, Brittany graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science degree in English-Language Arts Education. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to teach in her own classroom and make a difference in the lives of each and every one of her students.


Laurie Fuller

A native of Madison, Wis., Laurie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin. She worked in a variety of writing and editing positions at The Orlando Sentinel for 10 years before earning her Master’s Degree in Education from UCF. Laurie is in her seventh year teaching for Orange County Public Schools. Currently teaching Intensive Reading at East River High School, she has also taught exceptional education and English. Laurie’s lifelong passions for reading and writing fuel her desire to pass along her love of literacy to even the most challenging of students. “There is nothing that brings me greater satisfaction that putting the right book into a student’s hands.”


Megan Pankiewicz

A National Board Certified teacher, Megan Pankiewicz has taught high school English for eight years. Her primary assignments have been 9th grade honors English and AP Language and Composition, and she also served for five years as the newspaper adviser. She is a member of the National Council of Teachers of English and has attended over 20 state and national workshops and conferences since beginning her career. Currently, Megan is Executive Director of the Florida Council of Teachers of English and a member of Florida’s Teachers and Leaders Preparation Implementation Committee for Race to the Top.


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